GlobeTrotter • (n)

1. Your internet marketing traffic toolkit, for tracking sales across countries, devices, time-zones, and more.

2. A renaissance gentleman, well-traveled, with business in dozens of countries and languages.

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Affiliates. Networks. Advertisers.

Exceed your regular Voluum; have and eat your Cake.

  • Track Affiliate Campaigns - Clicks, Pages, Offers and Sales
  • Manage in-house media buyer teams and track performance.
  • Broker an offer to affiliates, run your own network
  • Segment by ANYTHING -- Browser, Device, OS, Carrier/ISP, Languages, Timezones, Referrers, Keywords and more
  • Desktop or Mobile, Direct-Link or Landing Page

Split-Test, Filter and Rotate

Direct your traffic in configurable, easy-to-use campaigns. Send visitors to locations based on country, ISP or subid.

Random and weighted rotations let you split traffic how you want across multiple landing pages, banners, offers and leadgens. Rotators can optimize weights based on CPA, CTR, EPC and total profit.

Filter out bad traffic and prevent Clickfraud. Send unwanted visitors to different pages, get reports on approval teams, bot traffic and spiders.

Easy-to-use API

Integrate all your tools. Our API is well-documented and developer friendly. Every feature in GlobeTrotter is available for your software to tie into and automate, including stats reporting and the visitor log.

Your Details: {
  "visitor_id": "9d4fea8cf50887536581447d249146a4ef0b2c76", 
  "country": "US", 
  "region": "NJ", 
  "city": "Woodbridge", 
  "timezone": "America/New_York", 
  "local_time": "03/27/2017 04:40:10 AM EDT", 
  "local_hour_24": "04", 
  "local_day": "Mon", 
  "lat": 40.55250000000001, 
  "lon": -74.2915, 
  "isp": "AMAZON", 
  "org": "AMAZON", 
  "is_spider": false, 
  "is_mobile": false, 
  "device": "Spider", 
  "os": "Other", 
  "carrier": "", 
  "browser": "CCBot", 
  "os_version": null, 
  "ip": "", 
  "referer": "", 
  "full_path": "", 
  "scheme": "http", 
  "hostname": "", 
  "port": 80, 
  "file_path": "/", 
  "query_string": "", 
  "query_parameters": {}, 
  "useragent": "CCBot/2.0 (", 
  "referer_path": "", 
  "at": "03/27/2017 08:40:10 AM UTC", 
  "visit_id": "ab57468a4dcddc85b0bacd6c6650d834", 
  "cost": 0, 
  "revenue": 0, 
  "last_at": "03/27/2017 08:40:10 AM UTC", 
  "last_visit": "gt:Visit:info:ab57468a4dcddc85b0bacd6c6650d834", 
  "session_cost": 0, 
  "session_revenue": 0, 
  "num_actions": 0, 
  "num_visits": 0

Rely on our cloud, or
Self-Host and White-Label

GlobeTrotter is not a traditional PHP+MySQL tracking package. Built on Python, PostgreSQL, Redis and RabbitMQ, our uptime and redirect speeds are unparalleled.

But sometimes you need more -- We offer custom branding, private servers, expert installation and even sysadmin support.

Need personal advice on maximizing your campaign? Consulting options available. Trust our 7 years of affiliate expertise and history of excellent service.

Priced To Please



  • Track All Your Segments
  • Rotate Pages
  • Fastest Tracking
  • -
  • 2 Week Free Trial
  • No Support
  • 100,000 users/mo



  • Track All Your Segments
  • Rotate Pages, Auto-Optimize
  • Fastest Tracking
  • Reporting API
  • -
  • 9-5 Email Support
  • 1,000,000 users/mo



  • Track All Your Segments
  • Rotate Pages, Auto-Optimize
  • Fastest Tracking
  • Reporting API
  • Organizations and Sub-users
  • 24/7 Phone Support
  • 10,000,000 users/mo



  • Self-Host
  • Lead Tracking
  • Adserver Mode
  • White-Label
  • Consulting
  • No Limits
  • -